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Patient Guide
Emergency Situations:
In the event of an emergency or life threatening situation, please call 911 immediately. For  problems after normal business hours, please call Dr Robinson's at 716-643-9134.
For non emergency situations, please call (716) 649-6687 during regular office hours. Please remember your provider may be with another patient when you call, and therefore, he or she may be delayed in returning your call.
We make every effort to cooperate with your managed care programs and their policies regarding referrals and pre-certification. We do this because we understand the benefits of HMO programs and the decreased costs to our patients because of their availability. However, one of the requirements of a HMO is to make referrals to specialists and pre -certify various procedures and hospitalizations.
As a general rule, our practice will not make referrals to specialists if you have not been seen in our office for the problem related to the referral. We will also not make a referral if you have not been seen in our office in the last six months. If you call our office because you need a referral, you will probably(unless it is for an ongoing chronic condition) be asked to come in for an appointment.

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